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Shakugan no Shana S 01 – A lot of ice cream and fanservice

October 25, 2009


Shana is back in awesome 1080p! I remember when I watched the first two seasons and had to resort to LQ RMVBs and AVIs because my previous computer couldn’t handle .mkv or anything too large, so this is a nice change. The first of four Shana OVAs followed Shana and Yuji searching through the Hougu that Friagne left behind. Yuji looks through what appears to be a normal, innocent telescope only to find that it’s an item called “Reshuffle” which causes Shana and Yuji’s minds to switch with each other.

Yuji, after turning into Shana.

There was quite a bit of fanservice here and there, mostly of Yuji I mean, Shana. Hearing Rie Kugimiya back in this role was great too, Shana is definitely my favourite character that she voices. But “Urusai Urusai Urusai!” just does not sound right coming out of Yuji. =\

:O OshiriThis face just makes me laugh.

Yuji's imagination.Almost kissing.

Fanservice and almost a kiss scene. Before Shana realised that there was no point if they weren’t in their own bodies. I can’t believe Shana managed to eat around about 30 ice creams. They don’t taste that good, do they?

One of the things I couldn’t place about this episode was where this fitted into the storyline. Obviously it’s occurs somewhere towards the end of season 1, after Wilhelmina comes to Misaki city, but that doesn’t narrow it down much. I would have expected Shana to have cleaned up Friagne’s Hougu collection after defeating him ages ago?

The OP and EDs were both by Mami Kawada; “Prophecy” and “All in good time” respectively. I’m really liking the OP, it’s probably my favourite out of this Fall’s anime asides from fripSide’s 「only my railgun」. The animation sequence also matched really well.

Young Shana

The fact that there was a young Shana and Tendou-kyu (the place where Shana trained before becoming a Flame Haze) suggests that one of the other three OVAs could be focusing on her past – much like the arc during season 1.

Now that's a lot of Melon pan!

If saying “Wilhelmina DAISUKI!” gets Shana that many melon pan, then she should be saying it more often. This is the first time I’ve seen green melon bread before though.

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