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Our Next Doctor?

December 8, 2008

David Tennant as the 10th DoctorI am a pretty big Doctor Who fan now, having watched most of all four seasons (minus a few from season 3). I first watched this in 2006, strangely enough in while in Japan. o.o I think I actually saw a Japanese dub if my memory serves me right and found I couldn’t understand a single thing. After that I found myself hooked when Prime TV hosted a marathon of season 1 on Christmas Day. To think, I actually spent most of Christmas last year watching Doctor Who. xD

Anyway, the topic of importance now is most certainly the subject of the 11th Doctor. With the first of the last David Tennant Doctor Who specials starting in a little over a fortnight, lets take another look at the sneak peek revealed last month.

We start off innocently enough, the Doctor appearing on in the midst of 1851’s Christmas Day celebration in some town in England. He then hears a woman’s scream calling out for the Doctor. But no! She’s not calling for Tennant, but for another Doctor? The new actor here claiming to be the Doctor is David Morrissey. He references the TARDIS, a sonic screwdriver and claims to be a Time Lord.

When I first saw this last month, some part of me just said: “No way, this can’t be right.” On a forum post I made a fortnight ago, I said the following:

1. It could be a parallel universe, that way… that Doctor won’t be the 11th Doctor.

2. Because if he was the 11th or further future Doctor then surely he should have recognized the David as the 10th Doctor like what happened in the Time Crash special.

3. Maybe he’s a fake? =o After all, his “sonic screwdriver” had a very normal screwdriver appearance and it certainly wasn’t the red one brought by River Song.

Yes, he may claim to be the Doctor but then why did he not recognise his past self as the 10th Doctor if he were a future reincarnation? A similar occurrence did occur in the Time Crash special where the 10th met the 5th but he recognized his past self then. An idea which was presented to my attention from this was that perhaps he is just a real and true “fan” of the Doctor.

Yes, he does seem to act in a very similar manner as our current Doctor; especially the “Allons-y!” (I’m not actually quite sure how to spell that to be honest) part at the very end. Tennant’s eyes (and Morrissey’s too) shifting sideways was brilliant by the way. But that also drew my attention to the “sonic screwdriver” he holds. His one is flat and grey, pointing it directly to a normal screwdriver. It also is not our current Doctor’s future screwdriver but that is actually possible as he gave it away to River Song before his next regeneration.

Or maybe this is all just a parallel universe? After all, we have crazy weird Cybermen who are again different to those from Rose’s parallel world. And I must admit, the new Cybermen aren’t very nice looking at all. That one which burst out from the door looked like it was diseased and dying from something rather than an emotionless attacker.

So is David Morrissey the new Doctor? I guess we’ll have to find out what they have in stall for us on Christmas Day. Either way, this is something I’m looking forward to watching.

The Next Doctor airs on BBC 1 on 25th December 2008 and is a 60 minute special.

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