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My Extended Signature

My extended signature~ listing everything in one place!
This is mainly for my Pokecommunity account. :3

This awesome Hatsune Miku theme is by Aizuke

This awesome Hatsune Miku banner is by Aizuke

PC Family:

Paired with Sanctuary.

Twins with BeachBoy.

Little Brother to 22sa.

Sister is ~Ryukaa.

B.A.M. is YuuNoKami Saka.

Partners in Crime with Ic3b3rgZ.

And is Soari‘s kitty~

Bishie Claims:

[ 07-Ghost ]
– フラウ – Frau

[ Clannad ]
– 藤林 杏 – Fujibayashi Kyou
– 坂上 智代 – Sakagami Tomoyo

[ Lucky ☆ Star ]
– 柊 かがみ – Hiiragi Kagami
– 柊 つかさ – Hiiragi Tsukasa

[ To Aru Majutsu no Index ]
– 御坂 美琴 – Misaka Mikoto
– 白井 黒子 – Shirai Kuroko

[ Vocaloid ]
– 初音ミク – Hatsune Miku

My Azu-nyan got stolen from me. ;;

Past usernames:

!!**Alex**!! (July 9th 2006 – April 17th 2007)

– Flavaquil – (April 17th 2007 – December 2nd 2007)

Flavaquil (December 2nd 2007 – December 30th 2007)

Pachirisu (December 30th 2007 – February 11th 2008)

Kagami ☆ (February 11th 2008 – October 25th 2008)

Ayano Katagiri (October 25th 2008 – August 9th 2009)

Misaka Mikoto (August 9th 2009 – now)

Links profile: Kagaminya

Pokecommunity profile: Misaka Mikoto

Sakurahana profile: Ayano Katagiri

My Blog (here): Shadows of Eternity

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