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[Manga] To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 28

February 3, 2010

The 4th ranked Level 5 in Academy City – Meltdowner – against Mikoto will be one kickass fight.

Again, spoiler for those who have yet to read the manga/only watch the anime. This chapter brings yet again another showdown which I definitely want to see animated! Following from Frenda’s defeat last chapter, Mikoto tries to question her about who hired them before Mugino and Takitsubo enter and save Frenda from getting fried.

After telling off Frenda for getting caught up about the elimination bonus, Mugino, Academy City’s fourth most powerful esper starts to take on Mikoto. Mugino’s able to blow away any of the iron objects that Mikoto throws at her and appears to have a move that looks awfully similar to Mikoto’s railgun. She throws a case of what appears to be some sort of powder (espers doing drugs? omg) to Takitsubo. This powder appears to act as a catalyst to activating her ability “AIM-Stalker”, allowing her to memorise Mikoto’s AIM dispersion field – kind of working as a human esper GPS system. Running out of power, Mikoto then escapes with the three giving chase.

Meanwhile at the other research centre, Nunotaba infiltrates the control room amidst the transfer to install emotional data to the imoutos in an attempt to stop the experiment. She is however caught by the last member of the bounty hunting quartet, as they had predicted that Mikoto’s attack could have just been a diversion.

There are seven Level 5s in Academy City and with Mikoto being 3rd ranked, I had been curious about who the other 5 members and what their abilities are (excluding Accelerator of course). Since I haven’t had a chance to read any of the novels yet, the anime and manga have been my only source of material and the introduction of Meltdowner will not only show the difference in power between each Level 5, but a pretty awesome fight should also occur. I think this, and the fight with Accelerator in an earlier chapter, would look awesome animated.

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  1. Lero permalink
    March 24, 2010 6:53 am

    Far I know the diferrence between 1st and 2nd with the 3rd to 7th is huge. For example Accelerator(in his state after the bulled fucked up his brain) is about 127 stronger than Mikoto.

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