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[Manga] To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 27

January 31, 2010

Spoiler for those who have yet to read the manga/only watch the anime. It’s a shame that it looks like at this point that this chapter won’t make it in time for the anime. This chapter focused on the main fight between Mikoto and Frenda (one of the four girls who cameoed in episode 12 of the anime, which occurs during the Sisters Arc.

It starts off with the rather creepy looking scientist, Nunotaba Shinobu arriving at one of the Analysis Laboratories where all the scientists are quickly trying to relocate all of their research data about the Sisters project before Mikoto arrives and blows the place up. Meanwhile Frenda is fighting against Mikoto at another one of the research labs and Mikoto demonstrates her power as a Level 5 by lifting the floor with magnetism to prevent the explosive fuseline traps rushing towards her.

I’m not entirely sure what Frenda’s ability is (magnetism perhaps?), seeing as most of her attacks have involved the magnetic trails, dolls or other items (such as a stun grenade) but she was able to trick Mikoto into holding back her electricity due to a fake “explosive” gas. This causes the fight become physical, which Mikoto isn’t as strong at. With Frenda gaining the upper hand, her only failure came at the end of the chapter where she almost gets caught in one of her fuseline traps; leading Mikoto to realise that she had been tricked.

This is one of the action scenes which I would love to see animated. Frenda’s a cute character, plus she’s a foreigner (French judging from her clothing such as the beret) so there would be some story behind why she’s in Academy City as well as the rest of esper hunting group. Judging by J.C. Staff’s decision to continue with side-character storylines, it doesn’t look like the Sisters Arc will be making an appearance in the 1st season. 7 episodes of unknown content left won’t be enough I don’t think unless they’re planning to condense events and/or leave it on a cliffhanger. Angry Biribiri vs Accelerator would have been awesome to watch.

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