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K-ON! [14] – “Live House!” Special OVA

January 20, 2010
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Azu-nyan's super cute tora-mimi welcome in the new year!

This is like an episode 14 to K-ON!’s first season, being released with the last Blu-ray DVD of the first season. The girls are invited to perform a live by Ritsu and Mio’s friend from their middle school. To be honest, I can’t say I was expecting much from this episode after feeling like the ending to first season (episodes 10-12) were pretty disappointing but I was pleasantly surprised after realising how much I enjoyed this episode. The comedy and the blu-ray quality animation (plus no weird looking faces that I could find!) were pleasant and made it worth watching. Okay, so there still was the rather repetitive and filler “tea drinking & cake eating” supplied by Mugi halfway through the episode but a live episode with some music is better than watching the girls eat their cakes.

You can't have K-ON! without.. cake?

The rehearsal and live were good, even though they still stuck with only showing “Fuwa Fuwa Time“. They should have introduced a new song in my opinion, this one’s been way overused as their theme song. For example, one of the other three songs that Ritsu suggested that they’d play or even “Don’t Say Lazy” plus all the costumes from the ED (which could have led out the OVA). At least it wasn’t a repetitive encore like episode 12 was.

Mio tripped again, no shimapan this time though.

Their lack of experience at performing live and the way Yui and Ritsu went about it, plus the screw up at the rehearsal were quite funny and well, expected of K-ON!. Overall it was a good episode/OVA and if season 2 will be anything like this, I’ll be happy to carry on watching it. But one thing they definitely need to do is bring in new songs and not recycle the same one over and over again.

N.B. I noticed that Azu-nyan still doesn’t appear in the ED sequence. :(

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