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Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Anime vs VN

December 15, 2009

I can’t help but notice the constant comparisons that are made between the original Visual Novel and the current anime in threads. Up until last week with episode 24, I had been an anime-only viewer, but I’ve managed to get myself the VN and been able to start reading through Episode 1 (thanks to The Witch Hunt). I have a friend who has also been watching Umineko during this time and the conclusions we had ended up with earlier in the season were either about ‘how messed up the show is’ or ‘total mindfuck for anime-only viewers’. Hm. When it’s put like that, it generally puts me off a show but somehow I’ve managed to stick through Maria’s “uu..”s, the mind games and replays of the killings.

Is the VN really that much better than the anime? Rather, is the anime a poor adaptation of the original material??

This is a question really directly at VN readers. I know that with each adaptation, regardless of the show, there’s always going discrepancies to the original but judging by the amount of posts, I’m assuming Studio DEEN hasn’t really hit those expectations?

Especially with the latest episode, I’ve heard something about Krauss and Goat-kun fights; changing the positions of Jessica and George’s wounds; and some other inconsistencies that have created plotholes.

Also, something I didn’t quite understand last week was why was Battler not qualified to be Beatrice’s opponent. He is still Kinzo’s grandchild through Rudolf even he if wasn’t Asumu’s son, meaning he’s still able to play? Another thing is, where did the Blue truth disappear to? All of a sudden Battler is able to use red truth and the blue has been forgotten since it was introduced.

I hope I’ll be able to somehow finish or catch up in the VN to Episode 4 and try to work this out myself before this all ends since I’ve liked the series more as it has progresses, but I doubt it with two episodes left until the finale. Oh well, it’s something to look forward to and next week looks like fun too: Eva-Beatrice is back, but poor Ange. ;_;

I also want more Lambda and Bern scenes.

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