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Endless Eight is finally over

August 6, 2009

September’s Newtype confirms it, the ridiculous endless recursion of time will finally end this week. So in the next twelve hours (I’ve forgotten when it airs), we’ll finally see this over and done with. I find it a little odd that this is being announced in Newtype which releases on Monday when the episode itself is to air soon. But at any rate, this is comforting to know that this ridiculous yet ballsy stunt that has been pulled will come to a closure. I’ll just say again something I posted on a discussion in a forum the other day:

When you turn a 30 page chapter in at least eight episodes, something seems wrong. I was expecting a 2 episode arc for Endless Eight at most, so I was definitely surprised and rather annoyed by how it’s progressing right now. The novel only had it going through the loop once, but this.. is getting out of hand. What was my favourite chapter in the novels is now my most hated in the anime. D:

I do hope they make up for this somehow.

So in the end, it was not the 2 episode I had anticipated, nor was possibly the optimum 3, nor the 6 episode rumor, but instead an 8 episode arc. Endless Eight, August, infinity, Kyon’s message.

Now I can finally look forward to watching something new next week, that is.. if it isn’t Episode 00 airing. I don’t think they’ll develop on The Sigh, surely the remaining new episodes are to be used for The Disappearance?

Source: ANN
That Haruhi cover for the next Newtype makes me want to buy it. :D

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  1. August 7, 2009 1:05 pm

    It’s over and done with. Finally.

  2. God permalink
    August 8, 2009 1:49 am

    Next week. Endless Eight ep. 1.

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