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Heroes – Volume 5: Redemption HQ Promo Video

August 2, 2009
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The new season of Heroes starts in September, but already, sneak previews of what’s to come have already been released at the Comic-Con Heroes Panel around last week. This is the HQ promo of the first, shorter preview that was released (there doesn’t seem to be a HQ of the second yet) and it certainly does look good. It’s shaping up with a good outlook and I’m certainly expecting it to be way better than the previous two seasons. The few scenes regarding Samuel (new villain played by ___) made me almost think: “Omg, is this still Heroes?” It just gave it a more mysterious feel and hopefully will turn out to be something worthwhile to watch.

Last season left many questions unanswered; questions that will most certainly be quickly answered judging by the video. “Nathan” obviously isn’t Nathan and there was a very good scene (I’m not going to spoil it) of Sylar’s inevitable return. And uh, Claire lesbian kiss? Don’t ask me what the writers were thinking there… but okay.

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