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Looking at 07-Ghost after 15 episodes

July 19, 2009

Teito Klein

07-Ghost follows the story of Teito Klein, a boy who was taken in as a combat slave by the Barsburg Empire’s Imperial Army. He has no memories of his family nor where he grew up. Following the final exam for entering the army, Teito has a flashback moment and remembers that the army’s chief of staff – Ayanami – killed his father. In a rage, he attacks Ayanami but ends up being stopped and imprisoned.

Teito manages to escape, with his friend, Mikage’s, help. But not wanting Mikage to get into trouble, Teito pretends he took him hostage and escapes with Ayanami not bothering to pursue. Teito crashes on his Hawkzile into three clergymen who then take him to the church in 7th district. The bishops tell him that the church is a sanctuary to everyone who seeks help, even if they are a criminal.

One of the bishops, Frau.

One of the bishops, Frau.

The rest of the story involves Teito’s quest to find out about his past: the Kingdom of Raggs and the rare stone “The Eye of Mikhail” which he possesses; and taking revenge on the Barsburg Empire. This involves the 7 “Ghosts”, gods and the preventing the revival of Verloren – whose body has been sealed away over a thousand years by the Eye of Mikhail and whose soul has been reborn in human bodies due to the Eye of Raphael.

The 7-Ghosts, Fest and Zehel

The 7-Ghosts, Fest and Zehel

The anime for 07-Ghost has so far, been very slow. Sure, there were a few episodes where some decent action has taken place but it has felt like a filler, stalling for time. There can only be so much daily church life that I can take. It certainly started promising, I thought it would have been more action judging from the first episode. I definitely wasn’t expecting them to make Teito leave the Army, because the initial preview made it seem as if the plot was to follow the military.

The music has been okay I thought. The OP I quite liked and reflected what I thought the show would have been about – action and a fight against evil. The ED is a complete contrast, which seems to represent more of the peaceful church lifestyle.


The attempts at humour in the show has actually been pretty funny I’ve found, particularly the “Frau dolls” that Teito verses during training. In fact, not just the dolls, but Frau himself is quite a fun character with his rather inappropriate behaviour as a bishop.

The slow pace did make me go and take a look at the manga, which I must say is quite different in pace. Where the anime spent building up the church life and atmosphere, the manga does this as effectively in a lot less chapters. I find the manga pace a lot more enjoyable and would have preferred if the anime had followed suit. However, the setting and plot is quite interesting – the Kor and Wars concept reminds me of something else I’ve seen in the past. In 07-Ghost, the “Chief of Heaven” gives a soul three wishes, which they don’t remember when they are born but will occur/be granted throughout their lives. A Kor is a human who has had their first wish granted by a being of darkness (e.g. Kor) and not by the terms agreed with the Chief of Heaven. A Wars is one where all three wishes have been granted. It is later revealed that Ayanami’s team of Black Hawks are Warsfeil (people able to control Wars) as Ayanami is in fact, Verloren reincarnated in a human.

One of the Kors that attacked Teito. They have the characteristic bony wings.

One of the Kors that attacked Teito. They have the characteristic bony wings.

The method of fighting that they use is called a Zaiphon. Which is the conversion of life source into a form of energy that can take three forms: Offensive, Healing and Manipulative. It appears to be a form of writing with the hands as their attacks leave imprints of words – especially when targeted at buildings for example. I have no idea what the writing is meant to be of, it just obviously isn’t English.


The manga is already up to the 50th chapter and Teito has left the church, on a journey with Frau around the districts in order to remember his past and regain the Eye of Mikhail. Regardless of the pace, I think this will have to be the more enjoyable watch out of the shows I picked up from the Spring series. Recommend? I certainly would, but if you get bored of the anime, the manga is a lot more appealing.

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  1. Ayesha permalink
    May 9, 2012 2:00 am

    I luv u! frau .. u r my fashion hero

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