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Suzumiya Haruhi – Endless Eight [Part III]

July 3, 2009

Kyon, one more time!!

Just when I thought Endless Eight would finally conclude, here we go again for the 15,499th time. This episode is essentially the same as the previous two episodes so there’s not much point summarizing it. There were some slight changes – such as clothing again and a few dialogue changes – but essentially continued the theme of déjà vu, with Kyon even more aware this time.

Yuki still doesn't pick the Pikachu mask. D;

There were still some scenes that made me laugh, such as Kyon’s responses to when he found out that Koizumi answered the phone.

Haruhi got her froggy suit again - but no fun shirt.

The question is: Are KyoAni stalling for time?? What exactly are they planning to do?
What I’m hoping right now is that we won’t see another *insert ridiculous number* episodes of Endless Eight.

When will we get to see Haruhi disappear?

When will we finally get to see Haruhi disappear?


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