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Endless Eight is finally not just Eight.

June 28, 2009

Instead Kyon, we're doing summer for another 15,498 times!!

While last week’s version of Endless Eight made the arc seem like a slice-of-life, average summer filler episode and also made novel readers wondering if KyoAni were going to skip the main event of the arc, this week’s “Endless Eight” was a repeat of the events with slight changes as expected of a déjà vu style arc.

For example, Kyon showed off quite a lot more skin this time.

For example, Kyon showed off quite a lot more skin this time.

“In the last fifteen-thousand four hundred ninety-seven cycles, O-bon has been omitted twice. O-bon sans goldfish catching occurred a total of four hundred thirty-seven times. The city pool has been visited without fail as of this cycle. Part-time work has been conducted a total of nine-thousand twenty-five times with six variations in the nature of the work. Other than distributing balloons, there has also been stock loading, cash register, flyer distributions, call answering, as well as a model fashion show. There have been six-thousand eleven balloon distributions, with three hundred sixty overlaps in two or more variations. Repeated iterations sorted by order of combination are-“

15498 times. Imagine going through that without becoming insane!!


This was a cute moment. :3

This time in the episode, with every event Haruhi drags the SOS団 along to, Kyon feels like he’s done all this before and the strong sense of déjà vu. Swimming at the public pool, bug-catching, Obon festival, fireworks… wait, wasn’t that last episode? KyoAni actually made the episode fresh, there wasn’t really any repetition animation wise. We even had the characters all wearing different clothing (Haruhi lost her fun shirt).

Mikuru showing what happens after a day's hard work.

Mikuru showing what happens after a day's hard work.

However, in this version of Endless Eight, that night Mikuru tries going back to her own time in order to contact her superiors but finds that she’s unable to. Calling Kyon, the group minus Haruhi meet up outside the station. Koizumi guesses that it’s because they’ve been in an endless timeloop over the past two weeks. He determines that it’s Haruhi’s doing without her even being aware of what’s happening. Yuki confirms this and says that it’s been repeating for the over 15,000 times with various repetitions (see quote at the top of post).

Upon realizing she's unable to return to the future.

Upon realizing she's unable to return to the future.

The four of them are unable to find out what it is that Haruhi is unsatisfied with so they have no choice but to go through the rest of their break and end up stargazing again. Haruhi searches for Martians and UFOs once more and Koizumi comments to Kyon that Kyon should say to Haruhi that he loves her and see if that will solve their problem. Kyon immediately refuses and Koizumi considers doing it himself, only to reconsider and say it was a joke.

Haruhi has a cool outfit. Lighting was weird here...

Haruhi has a cool outfit. Lighting was weird here...

At the batting center, Kyon asks Yuki why she didn’t say anything and she replies she’s only there to observe. They end up doing the same activities over again until the last day in the restaurant. They complete Haruhi’s list and again, she’s unsatisfied. As she’s about to leave, Kyon wonders if it’s because Haruhi still wants to have more fun but fails to come up with something to call her back. Kyon ends up going to bed on August 31st without completing his homework, “leaving the next him to it”.


Well, I was certainly surprised by this. I was half-expecting KyoAni to leave Endless Eight as it was last week as a filler but they’ve delivered a new episode with different animation. But now they’re going to let it run a third time? I would have thought at maximum, two episodes for Endless Eight would have been enough to cover the story. It seems like they’re trying to stall for time without using up too much new content. But we all know this season should have been made of the 15,498 Endless Eight repeats. xD

I really do wonder now what they’ll put us through next week. Will it be half the episode of what we’ve basically already seen and then second half is partying at Kyon’s house (i.e. conclusion), or will it just be the conclusion? Whichever it is, it definitely won’t be moving onto the next arc (which I believe should be The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya).


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