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K-ON! – Episode 12 [FINALE]

June 19, 2009
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Circle of Death.

Circle of Death.

Please… please stop the performance now. Did we really need Fuwa Fuwa Time played so many times? ;;

The story in short:

  • Yui catches a cold and is at home with a fever.
  • Ui is awesome and learns the guitar, playing BETTER than Yui.
  • Yui comes to practice anyway and is still sick.
  • Mio tells Yui to stay at home until the performance day.
  • Yui comes, her cold healed, but forgets her guitar.
  • Sawa-chan steps in and plays in the first song.
  • Yui goes home to get her guitar.
  • Yui turns up at school and is all emotional.
Yes and they're edible too, you know.

Yes and they're edible too, you know.

So when you have a fever, it’s like taking drugs? You get hallucinations with both of them and even imagine your friend has very tasty eyebrows.


Take this as yuri if you want, but this was the only cute scene of the episode.

Next Week: A winter's day.

Next Week: A winter's day.

Oh wait, there’s more? More fillers that is. I can’t see K-ON! going anywhere now at all except concluding. The live was horrendous. Even the random music video from the first live was better than this. Back then it was fresh and at least somewhat interesting. I must admit I’ve only ever watched a live in one other anime – Haruhi – and that was way better than this. It seems to me that they really wanted to finish the arc here in this final episode with the live instead of moving on to the next few chapters in the manga.

I’m currently of the opinion that this should have stayed as the 4koma anime without the adaptation. Perhaps a few OVAs would have been better than all the random filler we’re getting. The anime has attempted to have a story-line and has epically failed after lets say… 4 or so episodes. I was a fan of this to start with and now… I’ll just stick to the manga at best. Time to go find me some Haruhi.

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