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“Penultimate” K-ON! episode 11

June 14, 2009
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Firstly, there will be 13 episodes. I know it said that next week is the finale but the broadcasters continue to say that K-ON! will finish airing on the 25th of June which means the last episode will be some kind of OVA or perhaps recap style episode. There is more than enough manga material left to create more episodes (having seen a preview of some of their 3rd year stuff) – especially with the number of fillers that’s been thrown in.

Now, episode 11… where to begin? I did not enjoy this week’s installment. I must admit, I fall prey to judging based off the first thing I see of the same plot, and having read the 4koma, this was weak in comparison. To be honest, I wasn’t even looking forward to this episode.

Sawako-sensei had a bit of fun, essentially removing Azusa’s innocence by showing her a recording of the live from the year before – i.e. Mio pantsu exposure.

Yui was being an idiot again as usual. xD Even though I’m starting to get annoyed by this, it is the norm in K-ON! I guess. She is still useless and unable to take care of her guitar (dressing up seems to be the understanding) and lots of “kawaii Gita!”.


Yui luckily gets her vintage guitar fixed and the strings changed (though she didn’t break any like in the manga). After a bit of fun with Mio and lefties guitars, we get really unnecessary drama from a selfish, jealous Ritsu. This, I didn’t need.

Ritsu gets all pissed off and annoyed because Mio is spending more with Nodoka and ends up creating an awkward atmosphere within the band. Ritsu then gets sick and Mio goes and sorts stuff out between them and all seems well after that. They also finally end up naming their band a year on after they first formed it: After School Tea Time – rather fitting and random, but sure it fits for the group.


I don’t know why, but I’m actually rather glad that K-ON! is ending in two weeks. The first half of the series was good but after that it’s really slowed and like it’s fan-hype died gradually in my opinion. Was it just me, or did the animation also seemed a little odd this week – worse quality than usual?

I just haven’t felt like blogging this week, too much stuff has gone on in real life that’s too important to ignore. Oh and I’m currently going through Clannad.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I just realised I forgot. Next week, Ui is awesome. いじょう。

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