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From badass to cute rabbit? [07-Ghost]

June 6, 2009

Oh Mikage… what have they done to you.

Possessed Mikage

You were so badass possessed by Ayanami and now you’ve been reincarnated into some random pink rabbit thing (which I’m told is actually a dragon?)


I really enjoyed the episode though, it was a really good one and a nice change compared to the previous few (random Kors and very little fighting).  Frau is also really kick-ass as well, I wonder what he and Ayanami did in the past. Obviously the scythe is a clue but why does a god/one of the 7 ghosts need to someone else’s scythe?

By the way, does anyone know the exact words of the phrase that Frau uses? I can’t catch his last word, I know it’s “貴様に神の….something.”

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