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Azusa = awesomeness in K-ON!

May 30, 2009

Ever since Azusa made her appearance in the manga, she easily became my favourite character out of the group. And luckily, she was added in properly into the anime. Although not necessary a great episode, it was still fun to watch Azusa’s initiation into the carefree life of the けいおん部.

OMG, Yui-senpai?

Azusa is having doubts as to whether this is really the light music club that she joined. Which is fair enough, considering how stupid Yui has been acting. xD Yui, acting as the senpai, tries to play along with Azusa’s initial belief that Yui was a genius at guitar – which we all know isn’t true. However, this doesn’t stop Yui from pretending.

Azusa, breathing fire!

The group then sit down and have their usual afterschool “teatime” to Azusa’s surprise. Thinking that she was being tested, she takes out her guitar to start practising only to be yelled at by Sawa-chan. Azusa snaps and criticizes the group for not using the music room for its actual purpose and having tea breaks rather than practising. That is.. until she gets tempted into cake by Yui.

Azusa and cake = happiness

After all that follows a bit of explaination into Azusa’s parents and how she started playing guitar due to their influence in a Jazz band. Then there’s a bit of “nyan” with the nekomimis and various attempts to “tame” Azusa – including a welcome party. At the end Azusa explains her frustration at the K-ON club’s over-relaxed nature but is reassured and felt compelled to play with everyone else after listening to Mio.


Bunny ear maid cosplays


The episode was.. okay by K-ON! standards. Random, fun and food. Azusa is a really neat character and way better than Yui or Mio. She is kind of like Mio and her cuteness is a target for Sawa-chan and Yui. I’d really like to see more music come from the series, but that doesn’t look like it’s happening for a little while yet. Perhaps at the next school festival we’ll see some more actual music from the group, with Azusa included.

No Mio, those are Azu-nyan's. You can stay lonely. :P

No Mio, those are Azu-nyan's. You can stay lonely. :P

P.S. This is a really lazy post.. my browser is messing up when I’m uploading too, so I can’t be bothered going anymore detailed today. Anyone else having problems when uploading photos to WordPress in Firefox?


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