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K-ON! Live performance time

May 8, 2009

K-ON first live

And so the school festival is here! The four finally get on stage and play their first live getting past a few hiccups along the way. Costumes courtesy to Sawa-chan, the four get through the actual performance itself without any trouble at all.

shy Mio

So lets rewind back a bit. It’s the usual cultural festival business for their school and each person is involved in helping out with their class’s shops, all except Mio. She goes around looking for everyone so they can practice in the little time they have before their performance.

Yui’s class was the classic 焼きそば喫茶店. She still hasn’t got her voice back yet and is croaky like an old lady’s, especially with the outfit she’s got on. Ritsu and Mugi are sorting out their class’s haunted house. All three unfortunately have to finish their morning shifts before they can leave. Mio enters the haunted house to look for Mugi = bad move. xD

Mio + Haunted houses... = SCREAM

Mio + Haunted houses... = SCREAM

This is... Mugi. Perfect princess ヘンシン

This is... Mugi. Perfect princess ヘンシン

Nodoka lets Yui go to practice, saying she’ll find someone to cover for Yui. Yui goes to Ritsu and they do sumo impressions, drawing strange looks – apparently Yui’s hoarse voice makes her sound like a sumo wrestler!

They all head off to the music room to find Mio and begin practising and see Mio in there practising her singing. Enter Sawa-chan:



This of course, adds to the nerves of the already very delicate Mio-chan. For the rest of the episode until the performance we get:
– Mio calming down (but shaking like mad)
– A flashback scene of Mio and Ritsu’s childhood (which is also probably why Mio is so delicate these days~)
– Ritsu pretending to do a MC.

As for the actual performance, I was happy that they didn’t skip it out. I was expecting something similar to Haruhi’s Live a Live performance, but instead we got something very similar to a music video which was okay-ish. The けいおんぶ have their own cadillac and are driving around in the desert, getting chased by cops and performing lives to masses. A bit random I must say. O_O It was a bit irrelevant to the song lyrics too.

As they leave the stage from their almost flawless performance…

What has gone wrong?

What has gone wrong?

Mio trips…

/facepalm ouch.

/facepalm ouch.

pantsu... kamo?


Mio exposes something to the whole auditorium.

This is a censor. Mio's pantsu colors.

This bowl of rice! No... wait, this is actually censor. Mio's pantsu colors.

And her reaction the following day?


Overall, it wasn’t a bad episode. I don’t think this one was as great as the manga version, but it sure surprised me in a few bits. I thought the MV was quite random, but interesting.

I’ll be away for the next four days as I’m on a field trip down south~ Brrr… it sure is cold in New Zealand right now. D:
Haruhi-chan (if there is one this week) post will come when I come back I guess~

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  1. July 7, 2012 3:52 am

    I was looking for a picture of Mio’s pantsu and came across this site. Nice review! LOL at Mio’s colour failure at the end :D


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