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Brief Thoughts – Asura Cryin’

May 4, 2009


Having watched three episodes of this show now, I have to admit that I’m still very much confused as to where this show is heading. Which is why I’ll keep this very brief.

From the PV and description, Asura Cryin’ is really very misleading in both its title and what the show was to be about. I came into this expecting a slice-of-life based anime, with some form of romance between the protagonist and his “ghost” and the random spot of mecha or supernatural identity judging from Kurogane’s appearance in the PV. Instead, the show seems to place a suitcase and a cute “projected existence” (getting technical here, aren’t we?) at the centre of moe demon girls, yakuza attacks, fanservice, religiousy “holy orders”, fighting supernatural mechas and a Dark Society.

After three episodes, I’m still slightly confused. This story seems really complex and is yet to fully explain the Asura Machina, nor the existence of demons, nor the history behind why the seemingly ordinary school clubs are set to do such a task. All this I don’t really mind as I’m expecting it all to be explained soon (hopefully!). I’m slowly becoming more of a fan of the show and can’t wait to see what happens next.

I swear... this finger pose is used way too much in anime.

I swear... this finger pose is used way too much in anime.

Fun and favourite character in the show: Kurosaki Shuri.

I’m thinking she has to be some form of cyborg, with the weapons that she’s capable of storing in her body. Still very, very cool. :D She also happens to have a knack of knowing what’s actually going on around the place.. which is better than the other main characters.


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