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K-ON! Episode 5

May 1, 2009


This week the quartet submit their application to borrow the stage for the school festival, only to find out that their light music club is still not recognised as an official club. Someone (Ritsu) had forgotten to submit their club application form. But thanks to Yui’s friend Nodoka, she was able to help get them in as she’s on the student council.

The murderer must be... *points* you!

The culprit must be... *points* you!

In addition to this, they need to find a club advisor. They ask one of the teachers, Yamanaka Sawako, to be their advisor. However, she declines as she’s already an advisor to another club. Yui then finds Sawa-chan to be very familiar to someone she recently saw and recognises her as a previous member of the light music club that she saw in the photo album that Ritsu had found earlier.

Light Music club photo album




Her personality changes drastically once she is handed Yui’s guitar. Speed playing, tapping and using teeth to play guitar. She then goes on through a flashback to why she became the person she was in the light music club; falling in love but rejected by a guy who thought she wasn’t “wild” enough.

I wouldn't call this wild.. more like crazy. xD

I wouldn't call this wild.. more like crazy. xD

Sawako finally accepts to be their advisor after Ritsu “blackmails” her with her secret. She listens to their performance and immediately notices their lack of a vocalist and lyrics. That night, Mio writes up some lyrics. Too embarrassed to show everyone else, their talk digresses into randomness… until Sawako snatches the lyrics from Mio and together with Ritsu, read it.

Marshmallows? O_o

Marshmallows? O_o

Yui is then picked as the vocalist for the band after Mio’s constant denial even though she’s the composer. Being the moe-blob she is, Yui can’t multi-task and failed to sing and play the guitar at the same time. This prompts Sawako’s special week of training and by the end Yui becomes immensely more skilled at playing. But her voice has gone hoarse! Over-practising leaves the vocals to the trembling Mio in the corner.

embarrassed =

Maybe not. XD


This episode was quite fun. Sawako is a very funny teacher to watch. Especially what she’s going to do to Mio afterwards. Mio will feel totally violated. I hope their performance next week will actually be shown and not just a “before and after” scene. For Mio-chan will do something very embarrassing on stage next week…

More moe-meido perhaps? I’ll let you wait and see. XD

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