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[Heroes Season 3 FINALE] – An Invisible Thread

April 30, 2009

Heroes closed its Fugitives arc with this final chapter of season 3 this week. Instead of stressing out over my assessments, I decided to take a break and found time to watch the finale. Now, where to start… well, firstly this episode was way too predictable. So predictable in fact that basically every single fan theory was correct. It wasn’t a bad episode, but Heroes has long lost what made it so good and appealing to the audience in season 1.

No more “Save the cheerleader, save the world” (and Hayden was pretty hawt then too) or “Are you on the list?”. No more just ordinary people doing the extraordinary. No more super evil bad guy Sylar. No more Heroes? I do still love this show, but wish it could regain its former hype. I don’t know, maybe I’m making too much of this. Heroes has lost itself and some of its fans in the complexity of season 3. Anyway onto the episode itself~ Warning, SPOILERS ahead for anyone who hasn’t watched season 3.

Save the hawt cheerleader, save the show?

Save the hawt cheerleader, save the show?

Quick episode summary: [Credit – Heroes wiki]

  • Sylar frames Danko.
  • Hiro and Ando rescue Mohinder and the other captives from Building 26.
  • Sylar poses as Nathan and, with an unwitting Claire, tries to get close to the President.
  • Peter and Nathan team up to destroy Sylar.
  • Sylar kills Nathan but is brainwashed as a result.
  • Angela and Noah beg Matt to do the unthinkable.
  • Six weeks later, Tracy makes a splashy return.
Damn you Claire! You got in my way to watching the fight.

Damn you Claire! You got in my way to watching the fight.

Overview? So much for the Peter vs Sylar showdown I hinted last week. Yes, Peter and Sylar did fight, but we didn’t get to see it? WTF. One of what could be the most powerful and best fights that we could get on this show is reduced to the blue lightning reflections in Claire’s eyes. Not cool at all. I expected a lot more out of the fight and instead we’re treated to our imaginations once again like back in 5YG. Like I said at the very beginning of this post, just about everything was predictable. From Nathan’s death by Sylar to Tracy’s return, Sylar’s brainwashing and Hiro’s collapse. I’m going to do the rest of this post by main characters, as that’ll be the easiest to describe events.

Playing with electricity is quite fun indeed.

Playing with electricity is quite fun indeed.


Sylar’s role in this season has been very borderline as to which side he’s actually on. In Volume 3 we had him tricked into doing both Angela and Arthur’s dirty work, being a bit useless and a bore to watch. His little relationship with Elle was short-lived and he effectively ended the season by killing Arthur. Volume 4 saw him take to find his father and after the disappointment there, he teamed up with Danko to hunt people with abilities until framing him this episode. One thing I did notice in this episode is his lack of care towards Peter. In Villains, we saw the future Gabriel Gray – where he believed Peter was his real brother – and during the volume he actually cared for Peter, even saving his life. None of this emotion is apparent anymore towards the end of this episode, it’s almost as if he’s forgotten it all ever happened.

tick..tock..tick..tock.. - "that clock is really pissing me off".

tick..tock..tick..tock.. - "that clock is really pissing me off".

With Sylar now believing that he is Nathan; courtesy to Matt Parkman; will he continue his identity crisis? As Nathan, he used his Intuitive Aptitude to know that the clock was slow. I expect we’ll see a clash of personalities as no doubt Sylar will eventually realise that he isn’t really Nathan Petrelli. The writers will also need to explain his lack of flying ability. Yes, Sylar may be able to levitate slightly using telekinesis, but full on flying with the sonic boom? I don’t think so. Once Sylar’s back, he’ll be even harder to kill than before. Firstly, he’ll be out for revenge and no one will see it coming. Secondly, he’s moved his weak spot with the shape-shifting. Where is it now? It’ll be awhile before we find out.

Peter Petrelli

Fighting with his synthetic ability, Peter is no longer anywhere near as powerful as he was at the beginning of the season. His “hold only one power at a time” ability is actually quite lame and although he may be able to master any power immediately, it’s not as good as having an array of powers at your disposal. Peter is still the person in the show trying to do all the good and right things. Stopping Pinehearst, stopping Building 26 and stopping Sylar. One thing is for sure, Peter doesn’t get enough lines. Oh and his ability still sucks.

This season; Peter: 1, Sylar: 0

This season; Peter: 2, Sylar: 0

On that note, his current ability replicated is shape-shifting. Was that the only power he took from Sylar? Or is it that with taking abilities from Sylar’s many allows him to replicate every single ability that Sylar had? We certainly don’t need a Peter with the Hunger again. D:
I’m thinking that he can only hold one ability still, as otherwise he would have healed from the wounds he received from the battle.

Nathan Petrelli

The initial “bad guy” in Fugitives, stupid enough to hunt down people of his own kind. Nathan is much too independent thinking. I’ve never really liked Nathan and I’m appalled enough as it is that the writers won’t kill him off permanently. How many times has he died already? I wish he was really fully dead, without this loophole of Sylar thinking of being him. And why didn’t Noah and Angela just get some of Claire’s blood? I’m sure that could have just as easily healed Nathan’s neck laceration like when Noah had been shot. Even if it could be said that Nathan had lost too much blood for it to no longer be circulating.. surely they could have still tried?

Hiro Nakamura

Will he ever be the same again?

Will he ever be the same again?

Hiro’s loss of powers really hit him hard. His desire to become a “hero” has.. changed him too much. Instead of being the cool Japanese guy that could stop time, he’s more like an annoying point in the background screaming “here I am, here I am”. Although I’m glad Hiro got some of his powers back, will the side-effects kill him next season? He pretty much had a stroke after stopping Danko, I do wonder how long he’s going to last.

Claire Bennet

Like I said above, Hayden was hawt. Not really this season though. =[ But anyway, onto the character. Claire is boring.. she can only heal and that’s not really going to get her anywhere. The writers gave her another fling (underwater kisses are overrated) and her best line was probably in the finale with “You can listen to me now, or I can tell you after you shoot me.”

Tracy Strauss

Oooh... and you're definitely next.

Oooh... and you're definitely next.

Tracy returned in the Redemption Sneak Peek at the end of the episode, naked and forming from water. Is that really Tracy or perhaps actually Barbara? I know the writers have already announced that it’s Tracy and that she’ll be centric to the storyline next season, but you can never really rule out it being someone else in the event it gets changed during the off-season.


So was Heroes season 3 good? Verdict: Season 3 was definitely miles better than season 2, but it still pales to season 1. Heroes has let off too many of its writers since the beginning and this weakness was shown throughout Villains, where we got random villains without even being explained to as why they’re villains. Their entire past was a mystery and all we get is some random psychopaths ready to kill at the beginning of the show. Fugitives made up for some of Villains‘ pitfalls, but it still had its flaws.

And with Heroes wrapped up until September/October later this year, let the graphic novels take charge in hopefully picking up what season 3 has missed out on.

To be continued later this year, in Volume 5: Redemption

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  1. Kairu Ishimaru permalink
    April 30, 2009 10:25 pm

    I recently finished Volume 3. And it sucked. I still dont know if I will continue watching Volume 4. Ugh, what is happening to Heroes!?

    • April 30, 2009 10:45 pm

      I know!! D:
      Heroes let off way too many of their good writers during season 2 and volume 3… and that made both of them crap.
      Volume 4 is slightly better, especially with a few episodes towards the end and the one written by Bryan Fuller.

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    May 19, 2010 3:37 pm

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