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K-ON! Episode 4 – Beach Camp!

April 24, 2009

Mio, Yui, Ritsu and Mugi

A beach or pool episode is like the staple diet in the majority of anime these days and K-ON! is no exception to that requirement. Neither are moe-maids and open baths for this combination episode. And so, our quartet head off this week to one of Mugi’s villas.

Mio: "Moe, moe, kyun~"

Mio: "Moe, moe, kyun~"

No wait! I didn't ask for that!!

Mio found some old albums and tapes in the music room of the previous light music club and after listening to their live performance on tape at a previous school cultural festival, she decides that they too will perform and need a camp to practice together.

The smallest villa that Mugi's family has. WTF.

The smallest villa that Mugi's family has. WTF.

So… Mugi-chan, how rich is your family? I mean.. this is no ordinary villa for a normal-ish rich high school teenage girl, let alone someone like Yui or Ritsu who would probably only get to experience this through you during their school life. Isn’t this even bigger than Amin’s?

Mugi-chan... teach us

Mugi-chan... teach us to be like you

There isn’t really much else summarize for this episode; the four ended up playing for most of the time and when they finally got into the place to practice, Yui and Ritsu fall asleep on the floor. But Yui can actually play something now, which is a relief!!


Again, similar to last week, this episode didn’t really go anywhere fast. It was slow and pure comedy but I seriously think KyoAni has overdone Mio’s personality. I’ve read the manga past this and yes, she does act that way sometimes but certainly not how the anime is portraying it. I like Mio’s character but she’s coming on as being far too fragile in the anime.

Mio panic.Watch out for the barnacles...

I can’t help but draw comparisons once again to Lucky Star with the two above screen captures as well as Ritsu and Yui’s reaction when they saw Mio in her two-piece (I think the ball throwing was done slightly better in the manga), the way the eyes were drawn in this episode and okay I’ll stop now.

I honestly can’t wait until where they start performing, especially the funny cultural festival live scene, I just really want some more music out of this right now even though the comedy is very nice.

So for this episode… just enjoy the next screenshot and wait for next week’s fun with their one of their teachers (which made a great read in the manga.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. April 28, 2009 9:40 am

    I think I moe~verdosed. Call an ambulance…no, don’t, it will have moe nurses in it…

  2. April 29, 2009 4:22 pm

    Mio = Moe+Boing xD xD

    nice combi xD xD


    i was very surprised to see that Yui has actually been able to play guitar again. what a fast learner !! i envy her =.=

    • April 29, 2009 4:56 pm

      Even though Yui can play alll that right now, I bet she’ll probably forget it all in the next episode. xD

      K-ON makes me want to learn guitar. xD


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