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To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjibou 14

April 22, 2009

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Volume 3

Volume 3 of the railgun manga begins with where chapter 13 left off and first shows how Mikoto managed to deflect the attack. So how did she survive?


Chibi!! I bet Kuroko would love to get her hands on a chibi Mikoto.

This chapter focused on Kiyama’s past and the experiment that she was running while she worked as a researcher. Mikoto sees all this when she uses her electricity to shock Kiyama and it ended up that it linked their minds together and she sees into Kiyama’s past.

Kiyama first worked as a researcher, but took up the role of teaching for scientific purposes. She was to care for the “child errors” – children who’s parents abandoned them in University City as they were to be used as reagents in their experiment. Although Kiyama hated children, she beared with it all in the name of science. On the day of the experiment, it failed and instead of testing the AIM of the children, it fried them and killed them.

Kiyama then freaks after all this and a strange blob embryo emerges from her head, floating in the sky in front of Mikoto. And this strange blob is what she’ll be fighting next, funnily enough.

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