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[Heroes 3×24] I am Sylar

April 22, 2009
Now this would be a good way of keeping reminders.. except that he heals.

Now this would be a good way of keeping reminders.. except that he heals.

It’s been a month since I last blogged about Heroes and with only one episode remaining in Heroes, last night’s I am Sylar set us up for the grand finale next week. The episode itself was Sylar centric as the name would suggest, but certainly was not as exciting or action packed as previous episodes such as Cold Snap was.

In this episode we saw Sylar struggle through an identity crisis as a result of him losing control of the shapeshifting ability he took in the previous episode. He is firstly doubling as Agent Taub under Danko’s orders and is struggling to remain himself with his DNA constantly changing and altering himself subconsciously.

Not only that, he realizes that he has been shape shifting back and forth between himself and his mother (adoptive) and holding a conversation with himself. I have a feeling that whenever Sylar absorbs someone’s DNA to use for that ability, he picks up some of their personality or something crazy like that. The agents and Sylar go hunting for Rebel, but Sylar gets there first. Micah must be a pretty smooth talker, getting help from Sylar to escape all the agents and make them think he’s dead by having Sylar shapeshift into him.

Towards the end of the episode, we see how Sylar has shapeshifted into Nathan and how he was able to do the press conference seen in last week’s episode. With that, Nathan appears to confront Sylar but before Sylar can kill him, Danko shoots Nathan saying he needs to be handled delicately.

And the ornament becomes little crystals at a click of the fingers.

And the ornament becomes little crystals at a click of the fingers.

Sylar gets another ability this episode, some strange shattering ability similar to one he received near the start of his ability theft spree.

Not much really happens with the other characters at all this time:

  • Matt takes baby Matt back to Janice and protects them from the agents.
  • Hiro and Ando find their way to Building 26
  • Mohinder gets taken down at Coyote Sands (wtf, how did they find him there? And how many times has he been shot already. xD)
  • HRG, Claire and Angela get captured by agents while driving (presumably to Washington)

I am Sylar ends with Danko stabbing Sylar through the back of the head and Sylar managing to get back up afterwards looking pissed off.


This episode obviously threw up a lot of questions before the finale. Next week we have a showdown between Peter and Sylar judging from the BTS promo pictures. This is expected seeing as most people have been captured by Danko’s agents and he’s basically their last hope to stop Sylar becoming President. So fans waiting since 5YG will finally get their Peter vs Sylar showdown.

But firstly: what is wrong with Hiro? Has he overused his power or is it the result of Ando’s passive supercharging?

Also, wtf is up with Sylar’s proposal next week? I know he thinks the two of them are destined to be together due to their abilities, but that… is just strange. It’s also known Sylar will kill off someone forever next week (will it actually be Nathan and 5YG happen).

Tracey is also set to make a return. Her “death” was certainly not permanent (as are most in Heroes) and we’ll see how they decide to bring her back. Can’t wait for next week!

Thumbnails 3x24 Heroes

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  1. Kairu Ishimaru permalink
    April 22, 2009 1:33 pm

    I cant wait to watch Season 3. I just finished Season 2.
    Is the currently airing Heroes Season 4 already?

    • April 22, 2009 1:37 pm

      Season 3 is split in two halves: “Volume 3 – Villians” and “Volume 4 – Fugitives”. Fugitives is what’s airing right now.

      EDIT: oops, meant split, not still.

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