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K-ON! [Cagayake! GIRLS & Don’t say “LAZY”]

April 21, 2009


The full versions of the two very catchy songs from K-ON! were leaked [LQ] ahead of tomorrow’s official release date around a couple of days back. I can’t believe I didn’t find this earlier. But the full versions in [HQ] are also out now it seems (DDL links of full versions below).

Aki Toyosaki, Yoko Hisaka, Satomi Satou and Minako Kotobuki perform both OP and EDs: “Cagayake! GIRLS” and “Don’t say “LAZY””. The first leaked versions aren’t of highest quality (64kbps) but nonetheless, it’s the full song!!

They’re even more catchy than the short versions. I wonder if they’ll be performed by the quartet in the actual anime.

DDL links of full versions albums HQ: (not uploaded by me)

Cagayake Girls | Don’t say “LAZY”

The full album includes two other songs and all instrumentals versions + lyrics in Japanese.

The two tracks: “Happy! Sorry!!” and “Sweet Bitter Beauty Song” are okay to listen to as well but I think I still like Don’t Be “LAZY” most right now. Anyway, have a listen and get both albums in person if you can as well. The CDs themselves looks awesome.

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  1. Kairu Ishimaru permalink
    April 21, 2009 1:40 pm

    Finally! Full versions! Thanks. :D


  1. K-ON! [Cagayake! GIRLS & Don't say "LAZY"] leaked

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