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K-ON! – Yui’s make-up exam

April 20, 2009
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Ahaha..ha..ha.. 2%

Ahaha..ha..ha.. 2%

This is what happens when you don’t study and fail miserably in an exam. Yui scores 2 out of 100. Instead of studying, Yui had been trying hard to learn the guitar chords so she could practise with everyone else. Although this was a rather slow episode (most of it consisted of Yui “trying” to study), it was still rather cute.

Puni-puni (squishy!)

Puni-puni (squishy!) K-ON! really focuses on the hands.

This is Yui studying!!

This is Yui studying!!

How DARE you not pass your exam! Give me back my cake!!

How DARE you not pass your exam! Give me back my cake!!

Again Yui displays her carefree and lack of concentration lifestyle, unable to concentrate for long enough to read a 5 minute cram book. She’s either sneaking peeks at her guitar or reading manga. As she failed her midterms, she was the only one in her class that had to sit the make-up exam. And if she doesn’t pass that, she won’t be able to participate in club activities! Luckily for her, she has Mio-sensei and the group go to Yui’s house for a study session to help her pass.

Surprisingly, Ritsu scored 89% in her midterms – it just doesn’t fit her personality. Mio and Mugi’s scores were so godly that they weren’t even shown.


We have already been introduced to Yui’s imouto, Ui (what is with short, weird names?) before, but the rest of the quartet meet her this week and were expecting a Yui clone. To their surprise, Ui is actually really mature and a lot more responsible than Yui is. She’s in fact, basically perfect in every aspect and the complete opposite to Yui.

The group (well, Mio-sensei) start to help Yui with her math, mainly focused on algebra. Ritsu provides great distractions and is eventually kicked out by Mio.

Ritsu poke.

Yui falls asleep and dreams about the quartet in a snowstorm and Ritsu outside playing in a snow cave. O.o Talk about random.

Insert: The most random scene of the whole show so far.

Insert: The most random scene of the whole show so far.

Yui finally goes to sit her make-up exam, she comes out worried looking but when she receives the result she surprises everyone by acing the exam! Go super Yui!!

Yui 100%

With all this now over, the group are heading off for a band camp to practice next week. Maybe Yui will finally learn enough guitar chords so that they can actually begin performing something??


Like I said at the beginning, this episode was rather slow but it was definitely another cute one. Again, I don’t see how they will fit enough material into 13 episodes, so I’m definitely hoping for a season 2 perhaps later in the year.

Mugi must be so rich. She’s probably some sort of princess in hiding, with all the expensive sweets and cups and things that she brings in. Fans have already drawn the comparisons between what’s in the K-ON! clubroom and their real life counterparts. Mugi brings cake power.

Just one of many sweets Yui feasts on.

With this over now, I’m off to catch up on everything else. =D

Screencaps: K-ON! episode 3

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  1. April 21, 2009 11:02 am

    Hi nice blog :) I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

  2. rome-kun permalink
    July 29, 2010 5:14 pm

    what episode # is this

  3. rome-kun permalink
    July 29, 2010 5:18 pm

    nevermind figured it out episode 3

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