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First Impressions: K-ON! – Episode 2

April 11, 2009
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Yui~ このギターがほし!

“Kawaii Guitar!” – Yui really is so carefree about everything. K-ON! episode 2 continues on from episode 1’s introductions and further introduces each girl through the eyes of Yui. Mio is introduced first and I must comment on that Mio did get a lot of attention from KyoAni this week – perhaps it’s their answer to fan obsession?

The quartet head out in weekend together to go find Yui a guitar that she can afford. Of course, Mio doesn’t want Yui to get anything too cheap, as they are low quality. She says that a decent guitar will cost around ¥50,000. Yui of course, doesn’t have that sort of money right now and laments that it would take 10 months of her pocket money to save up that much.

Pretty please? :3

And of course, the answer is “no”! Yui luckily is able to get an advance in her allowance from her mom and gets the 50,000 yen. They head to the music store in the shopping centre and end up being led around the place by Yui’s lack of concentration, wandering here and there looking at clothes, eating and playing in the games centre.

After such a distraction, they eventually enter the music shop and Yui immediately notices one she likes but it’s way out of her price range. Ritsu suggests they all get part-time jobs to help Yui pay for the guitar and declares it a K-ON club activity!

Considerations for jobs seems to be difficult for Mio’s delicate mind. She’s rather hopeless in her imagination of what could happen. They end up finding something involving traffic examination, counting the number of cars that pass by using the little counter things that you press. When they receive their pay after two days of work, they find it still isn’t enough but Yui decides that she will just have to use the money that she had to buy a cheaper guitar so she can start practising with everyone.

They all head back to the music shop and Yui still has her eyes set on that one guitar. Mugi goes to “bargain” for the price and it turns out that her family actually owns the music shop and Yui is able to get it at an amazing 75% discount!! Mugi-chan has strange powers. The band is then finally complete after a whole 18mins and Yui gets her guitar. Back in the clubroom, Ritsu lays down their ulimate dream: a live performance at the Budokan.. before they graduate! They have 1065 days to make their way into becoming awesome enough to play there, can they do it??

1065 days to go!


Another great episode. Although they detoured and spent most of the episode counting clouds doing their part-time jobs, it was still enjoyable for comical value. Occupational disease was truly hilarious, likewise was their bargaining methods and Mio’s lack of confidence.

I found some of the animation this week a bit strange. For example the faces; there were times when they were poorly drawn and appeared like blobs. ;_; Hopefully none of that occurs in future episodes. But other than that, I love this show and want to see more!

Next week we run into midterm exams~ Yui of course didn’t study as it’s easy to get distracted during exam periods. And sweets. Lots and lots of sweets!


I thought I’d give the MPC style screenshots a go (as they are quicker to make) amongst various more selective captures as well with each post from now on. Thanks to CoalGuys once more for their subbing!! The OP and ED still look great that way~ Speaking of which, I really like both songs even more now, listening to them again. They’re so catchy and the animation so vibrant and fun.

Oh and just a slightly fun note to add to comparisons with Lucky Star~
Ritsu = Konata
Yui = Tsukasa
Mio = Kagamin
Mugi = Miyuki



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