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Suzumiya Haruhi-chan 15 & 16

April 5, 2009

What happened to my nice, happy episode? ;_;

Nagato learns how to make animal shaped balloons, Achakura gets attacked by balloon dog, Achakura goes boom – all in a days work of Haruhi-chan madness. Next up, Haruhi’s simple cooking class show is airing. Lets learn how to make noodles and Churuya-san finally eats her smoked cheese!! Nyoron~ :3

I had originally decided not to blog on this, but it certainly was two funny episodes that they released. (Sorry the screencaps are all very LQ, I didn’t have much time to get them all).


These two are probably my favourite two episodes now. The first one has Nagato playing God and giving life to a balloon dog that can talk and demands status to be called “Mister Kimidori”, which if you cast your memory back to Haruhi Season 1, Kimidori was the surname of the supposed girlfriend of the Computer Club Leader. There’s a spoiler about who she actually is and her purpose in relation to Nagato, but I won’t spoil it here.

Achakura gets caught in Nagato’s trap and then tied to lots of balloons filled with Hydrogen gas. And then she floats up to the ceiling and the light heats up the gas inside…

Heating up...

Result: Boom!

Result: Boom!

Youtube Link:

Haruhi-chan 16

Haruhi's cooking show

Lets learn how to cook healthy food with Haruhi!! However, this turns out to be how to cook instant noodles. So many unnecessary things happen here such as Haruhi’s method of opening the noodle packet!

Nagato swordsmaster go!!

Nagato swordsmaster go!!

Haruhi’s secret recipe to creating noodles is to cook them for a ridiculous 50 hours! (And to make it seem simple, she prepared it beforehand). Haruhi asks Mikuru to bring out the pre-prepared pot of noodles and Mikuru comes out slowly “yochi yochi” but trips over and spills it all.

Mikuru trips over

Mikuru then starts crying and is still on screen and seen by all when she does so. As a result, Haruhi takes the appropriately cooked noodles and says she’ll pretend they’ve been cooked for 50 hours. And then, says they’ll take a break (which seems ridiculous in such a small show). During the break, Kyon asks where Nagato got her sword from. Koizumi says that Haruhi wanted a sharp knife and he contacted the organization to acquire it.

Kyon doesn't like the idea.

Nagato then goes on to talk about changing the sword into “homing mode”, which is most likely a reference to the baseball episode. “Able to slash objective as wanted.” I.e. create masterpieces from using the sword. Kyon attempts this and fails miserably, also twisting his wrist only to be informed by Nagato that detailed work will put a load on the wrists.

Nagato impresses with the blade

Nagato then demonstrates, creating a mini-sculpture out of the radish. Kyon then attempts again and fails once more, twisting his wrists even more.

Back to the cooking show~ Haruhi has already got bored of all this and just throws all sorts of vegetables into the soup without specifying and saying it’s all healthy. Mikuru then brings in the pre-prepared soup and you guessed it…. poor Mikuru trips over the first pot she spilled and spills the soup.

Mikuru phail.

Youtube Link:

I’ve noticed a recent lack of Shamisen subs… don’t know what’s happened with them, but I did like how they redid the subtitling with something that’s more legible.

Smoked Cheese?

Churuya-san got to eat her smoked cheese, finally in episode 8.

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