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Suzumiya Haruhi-chan 13 & 14

March 28, 2009

Mikuru, Kyon and Haruhi

The latest two Haruhi-chan episodes and Churuya-san episode was released yesterday~ So that’s 13 and 14 of Haruhi and number 7 of Churuya!!

Haruhi-chan 13

Halloween man.

It’s rather fitting that with Haruhi-chan episode 13 we get a special on Halloween. Haruhi however, has absolutely no idea on how to celebrate Halloween and thinks that it involves some guy wearing a cloak with bats and a pumpkin on his head. Hence, the above image. After buying (getting Kyon to) the pumpkin, she tries to imprint Kyon’s face onto the pumpkin as she thought it’d be easier than cutting it. But fails to and instead passes it to Mikuru-chan to carve the face. Mikuru does well, but is criticized throughout by Nagato for not being symmetrical. This ends up that Mikuru almost completely wastes the pumpkin and it turns out a mess. Haruhi then comes back with the extra stuff that she wanted – a lay figure, cloak and candles. Tsuruya comes in and notices Haruhi celebrating Halloween and informs her of the trick-or-treat side to Halloween as well as that there are bats in the cave behind her house. Haruhi then attempts to feed the lay figure candy o.o;; and also attaches some bats to it’s cloak.

Nagato only wanted to play a game...

Nagato only wanted to play a game...

Later on, Nagato returns home to Achakura and they go out shopping for dinner ingredients. Achakura is still scared of going outside because of the cats. Nagato wants some random rabbit dish thing for dinner, but Achakura shuts her down and just buys carrots and potatoes in order to make a curry. Afterwards when going to bed, Nagato pulls out her laptop (presumably to start playing her eroge again) and it gets smashed by Achakura who’s trying to get to sleep.


Haruhi-chan 14

Kyon, Haruhi

This episode was more random than usual. SHOWDOWN between Haruhi and Kyon. Haurhi first popped a balloon in Kyon’s face using a dart from a blowgun which causes Kyon to get very angry. Haruhi apologizes and in return allows Kyon to get one back at her. Kyon deliberately misses and hits her between the nose and mouth. This causes Haruhi to become extremely pissed off and shoots another dart back at Kyon who just escapes, leaving it to hit Mikuru. The two then apologize to Mikuru and declare her dead.

Haruhi angry

From there, they move their contest onto balloon making to decorate Mikuru’s grave but both are hopeless at it. They end up tying all the balloons in loops around Mikuru (who’s being crucified??). O.o Afterwards they pack up and Haruhi finds that the balloons aren’t coming off and begins to pop them all, to the embarrassment of Kyon.

Koizumi, Mikuru


Kadokawa still doesn’t allow embedding, so I’ve linked them instead except for the below as I was too lazy to take screenshots after Haruhi-chan.

Churuya-san 07

Churuya-san stars in her own video game! Involving lots of smoked cheese and nyoron~s. Not a lot to say about this… just watch it and see.

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