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ToraDora! Episode 25 [FINALE]

March 27, 2009
Kitamura, that baka exhibitionist.

Kitamura, that baka exhibitionist.

What an ending. This was great and really brought back a good solid ToraDora episode. Although last week was majorly rushed and lacked development, the feeling for this episode was certainly a lot better. After all, going from just confessing that they love each other to running away and getting married in 10 minutes is NOT development. But this episode has made me wish it hadn’t finished so soon. I watched the episode last night, but didn’t get much chance to blog it until today. Kudos to CoalGuys for the subtitles this season and for the very fast and efficient subbing for this episode.

I liked how they closed off every character’s story and gave them all a reasonably conclusive ending. I did however feel that Minori’s character has lost her “spark” and got boring and actually rather annoying towards the end of the series. What happened to our cheerful, nose bleeding weirdo that was so likable to start with? Her erratic behaviour could almost be compared to yandere but slightly different. In contrast Ami is awesome though, I’ve liked her character more and more towards the end of the series. It’s too bad we didn’t get a Ami x Ryuuji ending as the two did seem a better fit earlier in the show, but Taiga x Ryuuji is fine too – protags realising their true feelings.

Speaking of which… The kiss scene was also nicely played out – in a kind of funny and silly way, but was still very nice. A very intense kiss scene it was. Taiga DEMAND more from the dry, cracked lips and got her multiple full on kisses. Yay. It seems to me that it’s rather rare to get a kiss scene drawn so up close.

The ending – I feel for Ryuuji. Although I’m impressed with how they rounded off the series so well, poor guy. Taiga leaving him for an entire year would have been hard on both of them. Especially after their huge declaration of love. But I still quite enjoyed the way J.C. Staff portrayed the end. Although a year’s difference is a long time, it wrapped it up quite well and is certainly better than leaving it as a cliffhanger ending.

Taiga, one year later and hasn’t even grown a bit.

Very, very cute uniform. Maybe Taiga away for a year was a good thing because we get to see such a cute uniform. While she’s been gone, their year group (especially her class 2-C) have created themselves a legacy at the school and not only them, but Taiga is also mentioned as the “手乗りタイガ” (Palm-top tiger) and the “bringer of good luck”. Ryuuji is also less feared by everyone (unlike in episode 1 xD) and was mentioned during the discussion as being Taiga’s boyfriend. Also, Kitamura seems to be going to America to chase after Sumire. :o

I’m also rather glad they skipped the OP and cut short the ED. This allowed them to add in the extra information in the epilogue, which for me created the nice rounded ending. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the series and really wished there were more. But I did read somewhere that there may be an OVA coming sometime…  :3

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  1. Haseo permalink
    May 24, 2009 4:16 am

    This anime is the best! I cried in the final episode…. fucking great….

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