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To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjibou 12

March 21, 2009


In a scene much like a recent one in the Index anime, Mikoto’s words “You should rely on me more” results in Kuroko doing a frenzy affectionate attack on her Oneesama~

This chapter was mainly a build up to the fight between Mikoto and the Level Upper’s creator – Kiyama Harumi. While Mikoto tracks her down, Harumi is engaged with Anti-Skill and displays the ability Dual-Skill as a result of her Level Upper network. She is capable of using any esper ability of any person that has used the level upper and is “hooked” up to the network. She questions whether even Mikoto as a Level 5 can take her down once Mikoto tracks her down on the bridge top.

Read Online at Onemanga.

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