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Suzumiya Haruhi-chan 11 & 12

March 21, 2009

Firstly, I just want to say that I’ve once again been busier than usual – hence my recent lack of posts.

Now, around 18-19 hours ago, Kadokawa released two Haruhi-chan episodes and one Churuya-san episode (why Haruhi-chan is progressing faster I don’t know). I guess Haruhi-chan is just a bit more popular. :D

Haruhi-chan 11

Valentines Day is coming up and the girls head over to Yuki’s apartment to make chocolate. Haruhi-chan has the idea of making Mikuru strip and then creating a life-size chocolate of Mikuru but Yuki points out how it would be impossible to maintain it. They then make their own little chocolate creations instead. Haruhi sculpts a head of “Kyon” which Mikuru took to be Picasso. Mikuru creates a chocolate lion “Mu-chan”, Tsuruya makes a monumental crane and Yuki creates an anticlimax with normal chocolate bars. o.o Yuki goes on an eating fest afterwards and eats all the chocolate that the others were making and packing.

Haruhi-chan 12

It’s Valentines Day and Haruhi makes Kyon and Koizumi work to get the chocolate cakes that they made in the previous episode. Koizumi calls up reinforcements in the form of Mori and Arakawa (the maid and butler respectively). They deliver suits for the two and Koizumi says the idea is to become “male companions” (i.e. escorts). The two then go back into the SOS room and put on a little introductory show. This causes Mikuru to start crying and gets the two scolded by Haruhi. Meanwhile, outside, Mori and Tsuruya pass each other and Tsuruya senses something – saying: “This strong presence… Who is it?” – What could this mean? We’ll find out next episode!

Churuya-san 06

This is one of those random pointless little clips that you just need to watch to understand. xD Important point: SMOKE CHEESE-KUN IS DEAD. >.<

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