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Claire Bennet – Comic Book seller [3×19]

March 5, 2009

Although I’ve already watched the most recent episode, it wasn’t interesting enough for me to want to blog about it. Sylar and Luke scenes are getting very stale and I can’t wait until John Glover appears and faces off with Sylar. Nathan’s entire scheme is coming apart with the Hunter undermining his authority – and being plain nasty. Nathan better save Matt next week, an explosion at DC is NOT what we need on Heroes. Claire’s scenes are also quite… boring. I used to like Claire back in season 1, but her character’s gotten old and Hayden really needs to stop trying to sound so tough; her voice just does not suit it imo. D:

Asides from that, I’m still reasonably enjoying Fugitives, but some character aren’t getting enough airtime with the plot so focused on Nathan, HRG, Danko, Peter and Matt right now.

And now, to the main point of this post. Here she is, applying for a job at the comic store. Apparently she will sell “loads” of comics. XD

3×19 “Shades of Gray” – Sprint Sneak Peek

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