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ToraDora – Skiing doesn’t beat complicated love

March 1, 2009


Firstly, that was one great episode. The episode moved between Taiga and Minori, with it essentially left with Ryuuji’s choice between the two girls. Ami taunts Minori about how she rejected Ryuuji’s confession (this will no doubt leave the AmixRyuuji pairing more or less dead now) and results in a fight between the two. The physicality wasn’t as great as the fight between Taiga and Sumire, but the result had Taiga subconsciously confessing to Ryuuji that she loves him (though she thought he was Kitamura at the time).

– Ryuuji’s cleaning fetish was lol. Funny to see him react when they hid in the girls’ room.

This sets up for Ryuuji’s choice next week; now that he knows Taiga’s true feelings. The end of the episode really complicated things, will Ryuuji now choose Taiga? His thoughts certainly portrayed that possibility of staying by Taiga. Or will he continue to pursue the crazy Minori girl?? Can’t wait to see how this series will end this.

Skiing is so overrated.

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