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To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjibou 11

February 23, 2009

Hidoi Translators has just released Chapter 11! Thanks to Hidoi once again for the translation of the new chapter.


Um. Am I interrupting something? [Mikoto]

Um. Am I interrupting something? (Mikoto)

Anyway, Akemi and Ruiko both have fallen into the coma after taking the level upper – which Mikoto and Kuroko correctly deduced the reasoning behind the Level Upper’s program to stimulate all 5 senses to be synesthesia. We also now found out our little villian behind the whole Level Upper scheme is none other than Kiyama Harumi; that lady scientists Kuroko and Uihara have been asking for advice from. Uihara also happens to get caught going through Harumi’s files on synesthesia and it’ll be up to Mikoto and Kuroko to save her next chapter it seems.

Oh, and we get a cameo from our favourite frog-faced doc!
A.k.a. Heaven Canceller.

Hopefully that Mikoto fight scene is coming soon… I still so wished this was made into an anime.

Read here at Onemanga!

Update: Megaupload Mirror.

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