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Facebook, Internet and Life

February 13, 2009

Haruhi commands you to read this! And get past Paraskavedekatria-phobia!

Here comes a random post/rant from Ayano Katagiri about anything and everything [/kinda].

Today is Friday the 13th, a.k.a the day for superstition (for some people anyway). Supposedly it can be both good and bad luck, depending on where you are in the world and what beliefs you follow. Paraskavedekatria-phobia is the term used to describe a fear for today. o.o And no, I didn’t just make that up. Someone else already did. Basically, sometime in the 14th century, they decided to combine the two things they feared the most (Friday and the number 13) together as a sign for a bad omen. And the next time this will occur is… next month!

Anyway… Today was quite an interesting day in a few ways. As Valentines Day falls on a Saturday this year, our school’s “tradition” of giving Valentine chocolate and cards was done today. Free chocolate is good, ne? Getting a few cards and a chocolate from an anonymous person at another school really brightens up the morning for ya (and makes school feel a bit less gloomy, no?) xD

Now, this thing they call Facebook. I decided to join it after finally being persuaded by my friend. Not saying it’s bad or anything, but I really haven’t found social networking sites to be as enjoyable recently. My Bebo page is practically dead and Bebo itself hasn’t actually been that great with the somewhat useless upgrades. But Facebook does gives off a nice clean look and is less crowded in terms of applications and random bits and pieces that people seem to want to unnecessarily put on their page. I’ll probably use it for awhile and see what it’s like. I seem to have a lot of people that I know who already have one and that could make it fun to catch up with some who I haven’t seen since primary school. :O


My current ISP is Telecom New Zealand. Yay for them, not. Well, they aren’t actually too bad, it’s just that I can’t stand having only 10GB of download/upload bandwith a month. Here’s the results I get on

So, not too shabby. A 3Mbit connection. It does vary depending on the time of the day and how many users are online at the same time, but it gets me a decent enough download speed most of the time. Paying NZD $50 a month for a 10GB pack isn’t worth its value imho. I wish I could have more bandwidth (and I certainly need it!!), it’s much too easy to burn up 10GB and then run out for the rest of the billing month.


Quoting LG: “Life’s Good.” And it is right now. :D The already heavy school workload is the only downside at the moment, but I can get over that. ^_^

Oh, I also sat a random online IQ test today. Supposedly my IQ is 141 according to it. Yay? ^^;;

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