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We’re on the run – Heroes: Fugitives [S03E14/15]

February 11, 2009
Nathan Petrelli, our "villian" for this Fugitives.

Nathan Petrelli, our "villian" for Fugitives.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about Heroes, but with the return of the series with the first two episodes of the new Volume – Fugitives, I feel the need to give my opinion on it. It has been a great return to the series. Fast-paced and more promising, Fugitives brings about a different feel to what Villains gave.

Ando and Daphne discussing the disappearances

Ando and Daphne discussing the disappearances

We started off last week with everyone being bagged at their various locations around the US and in Hiro’s case, Japan. The only three main heroes who weren’t captured were Sylar, Ando and Daphne, with the latter two making their way to find Hiro and Matt.

They were all captured by Nathan’s teams, headed by The Hunter; who is called Danko. Claire was the only exception that Nathan made for, even though he offered Peter a chance to join his side and stop people with abilities. After being sent in a car to go back home by Nathan, she kicks the driver (presumably knocking him out or killing him) and makes way towards the plance where she finds everyone else with abilities, chained and drugged.

Chained, masked and drugged.

Chained, masked and drugged.

Freeing Peter, they begin their fight out. Peter absorbs Mohinder’s super strength ability and fights the guards only to accidentally absorb Tracy’s freezing ability and cause a loss in air pressure in the plane when he accidentally freezes a wall of the plane. Claire meanwhile, heads into the Pilot’s cabin to make “an unexpected landing” only to find HRG in the co-pilot seat. The plane then goes down and we enter the main part of Episode 15, with Nathan on the phone recounting to Angela what had happened in the crash.

Matt draws some more paintings of the future, including one of Hiro in India and one of Daphne getting shot at the crash site. These of course… come through, as Matt is now “chosen” to be the precog and paint the future. He rushes back to the site to save Daphne.

Danko (The Hunter) threatens Claire

Danko (The Hunter) threatens Claire

Arriving there, they meet up with Ando, Claire and Daphne, but their reunion is short lived as they are found by some of the soldiers and Daphne gets shot at least 4 times. This angers Matt and he gets into the original shooter’s mind and makes him shoot the other soliders. Danko then shows up and puts an end to this, but not before the group (minus Daphne and Claire) escape. Danko realises Claire’s ability and comments that he’s sure one shot to the brain would deal with her.

The group

The group gather together

The rest of the Heroes group together and are prepared to take the fight to Nathan and Danko’s group. Matt is clearly troubled and wanting revenge for Daphne (who is not actually dead, but he doesn’t realise it).

snapshot20090212180917Meanwhile, Sylar is doing his bit and having a bit of “fun”. He’s torturing Agent Simmons, one of the squad members sent to take him down, in order to find his father. He has little success until Luke (Dan Byrd) and his adopted mother return home. Luke eventually gets out of Sylar’s telekinetic grip and uses his “microwave” ability to cause Sylar’s cup to explode.

At the very end of the episode, Claire receives a text message from someone called “Rebel”. The messages follow like this:

Claire: Who are you?
Claire: I’m scared.

My Comments

Firstly, WTF. Someone who can fire one aspect of the electromagnetic wave spectrum. Because that isn’t weird? I don’t actually like the new character much… I was more expecting (well, wanting) Sylar to kill him and take his ability. But now that he’s taking him along almost like a little “apprentice”, I wonder where we’ll proceed from here. It doesn’t look like Sylar will clash with any of the other heroes this season; at least, not until he finds his father.

– I don’t like how Peter can only hold on to one ability at a time right now, it’s… annoying. That currently returns the tag of most powerful to Sylar.
– Hiro’s lack of power is making his attitude change. This will be very, very apparent next week as shown in the Sprint Sneak Peek below.
– Since Daphne isn’t actually dead, what will happen to her? I’m guessing because she wasn’t captured, she wasn’t down on Nathan’s list of people with abilities. Will they find out now about her superspeed ability?
– Sylar. What will happen now? He seems happy enough to take Luke along and well… smile evilly while he’s at it as well. I quite like his evil side. I wonder if he will help Peter? Considering that he knows Peter also genuinely thought Sylar was his brother. And it’s entirely possible that Nathan and the Hunter will go after Sylar again.
– Rebel. Who is this person? Hana from season 1? Micah? HRG? Nathan? Angela? Or maybe even the puppet master Doyle?? Seems very, very weird indeed that Claire was able to reply to an anonymous sender… but okay, this is Heroes. It would make sense if it were Hana or Micah, since they could track the electronic signal. But otherwise… who could it possibly be???

Building 26’s Preview

Sprint Sneak Peek for Building 26

Next week we go to Building 26 where Nathan was situated during his phone call. Presumably this is probably where he’s keeping the other people with abilities prisoner (that didn’t escape). But the question is: WHERE IS MOLLY??? D: I am a Molly/Adair Tishler fan and I want her back on the show. D:

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  1. jay permalink
    February 24, 2009 4:01 pm

    The show is going down the drain, I loved this show but stupid writing ,directing,and special effect. How did this happen. Heroes writers cannot fathom the intricacies and the powers of the characters (time traveling,premonition and mind control) so the once loved characters was diminished. All they can do right now is recirculating this horrible stories like a ses pool of bad movies. Heroes should start wrapping this up before they lose all of the dignity they still have.

  2. February 24, 2009 4:39 pm

    I still love the show but I can see where you’re coming from. Ever since the writer’s strike during Season 2, Heroes hasn’t really lived up to its Season 1 hype. It’s getting better with Fugitives, but the plots is still dragging on in some areas and has lost touch with what first made the characters special and connected to the audience.

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