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Yay, it’s dere-dere Mikoto time!

February 10, 2009

Episode 18 of To Aru Majutsu no Index finally returns to Misaka and a science arc to the storyline. And this shows that even during a date episode, we can still get a fight scene (Touma, you evil attractor of misfortune!). I couldn’t resist watching this episode after seeing the preview last week; I need my Oneesama; so I watched through the raw first last week before the subs yesterday. (Thanks to Eclipse for the great subs!!)

The highlight of the episode was definitely with the Mikoto scenes. Getting Touma to “act” as her boyfriend in order to throw off her stalker, Unabara Mitsuki, was hilarious. The episode in general didn’t have much to it, it was really one-shot plot. Unabara, who in fact is an Aztec magician using his appearance as a disguise, fights Touma when he’s figured out and claims that he was sent to take down the “Kamijyo group” from the inside. Explaining that Touma has too many powerful allies on both sides of the world; magicians and level 5 espers; plus the 103,000 grimoires that he is currently in possession of, will cause great unbalance to the world and is dangerous. Although he dies, he says he isn’t the only magician that will be targeting the group, there will be more to come and he blames Touma for getting Misaka involved in this.

And now… what was really important in this episode; Mikoto screens! <3

The red “embarrassed” face is soooo kawaii. :3


Now… Index. Who’s that character again?

Her character is somewhat… useless? She eats other people’s food, stays in their homes and even takes their beds!!! What is up with that. Furthermore, she seems only capable of biting people in return.

Index Biting to return the favour... Yeah.

Index Biting to return the favour... Yeah.

Here, I'll help get started on the brain surgery.

Here, I'll help get started on the brain surgery.

They really need to take the emphasis of the series OFF Index. She is not the main character and never will be. The only true story she’s been apart of is the first arc (and when she slept through the second while being captured). Index plays a minor comical role in “biting people’s heads” and this… is getting old.

Srsly, they really should have done an anime adaptation of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, or… renamed the series to something not to do with Index. ;;

Preview for Episode 19 [Last Order]

Wait, mini-Misaka?

Wait, mini-Misaka? <3

Well.. no, not quite. The Accelerator is back and the little girl with him above is Last Order; the 20,001st or something Misaka Imouto. But for some reason she remained younger than the rest of the imoutos. Should be an interesting new arc.

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