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New OPs and ED for ToraDora and Index

February 6, 2009

With both shows reaching episode 17 last week, J.C. Staff introduced new OPs and in ToraDora’s case, a new ED as well.

Index’s new OP is done by Mami Kawada and it is called “Masterpiece“.

It has an interesting beat to it and although some parts sound like the general Mami Kawada tunes, I found the opening 20 seconds or so somewhat strange. The animation is great as usual for J.C. Staff, but they seriously need to swing the focus away from Index. I don’t see why they keep trying to make Index seem so important, the plot has not really included Index recently; except as a comical side character. The series should really be renamed to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, but alas… At least we head back to the science side of the story with today’s airing of episode 18 and more Mikoto <3 (and Kuroko too!)

They have introduced even more characters into the OP (Who is this?) and the final Misaka imouto (Last Order) appears here. However, they can’t possibly be thinking of going into a mecha style fight, can they??

Kuroko teleporting is hawt though. <3


ToraDora’s new OP is Silky Heart by Yui Horie. Although I didn’t like her last song for TD (Vanilla Salt) as much as Pre-Parade, Silky Heart is absolutely awesome and has a very upbeat and enjoyable tune.

The animation is very similar to Pre-Parade except that the main cast are walking in a different direction. xD

The ED is done by Rie Kugimiya and Yui Horie together, called Orange (Oreenji). I don’t like this one as much as the OP, or the previous OP and ED as a matter of fact. The animation is mainly about Ryuuji baking a cake and then the three girls coming around to visit and.. obviously, eat his cake. No Kitamura involved.


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