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Heroes: Episode 13 and Fugitives

December 12, 2008

… They’ve decided to change the name of next week’s episode again. It is now called “Dual”. So that’s the third name change now for the episode since they first announced the title “War”. I wonder if we’ll see another announcement – like right before the episode airs – but I certainly hope they just stick to a name.

Unlike the past two episodes, this upcoming one has given us a lot more sneak peaks. The following shows 4 sneak peaks.

1) Peter telling Nathan that he has to destroy the Formula, Nathan tells him that “it is our plan to make the world a better place.”
2) Peter pointing a gun at Mohinder, but he explains to Peter why he needs the formula.
3) Matt telling Ando that he has to be careful because you never know what power you will get.
4) Sylar has Claire and tells her that she has to choose between her dad or grandma.

Considering that Peter has made it past to Mohinder, I’m guessing he has done something to temporarily impede Nathan if the order of the two scenes occur the same way as in the video. Mohinder looks as if he is yet to inject himself with the revised formula, but should do so soon if the Volume 4 set photos of him, Matt and HRG are taken directly from the show and are not behind the scenes photos. This also suggests HRG won’t die next week.

Ando is almost certainly going to get a power next week, which is promising, but will he get the red energy beam like ability we saw at the beginning of the season?

Sylar and Claire’s encounter was rather strange. Is Sylar trying to trick Claire by giving her the choice of who he will kill? Obviously he’s got a grudge against both Angela and HRG at the moment, but surely he would want to deal with Angela first to find out the truth behind his parents. Or is this just a mind game for him?

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