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Heroes: Episode 12 – Our Father

December 11, 2008

Well, Elle is officially dead now and like last week, I’m still somewhat sad being a Kirstin Bell/Elle fan. As always, the episode brought forward more questions. This week was unsurprisingly very predictable as it finished off the Arthur Petrelli saga of Pinehearst. This leads me onto the confrontation between Peter, the Haitian, Arthur and Sylar. I was a bit surprised that the Haitian (who the writers should really reveal his name now) was having trouble suppressing Arthur’s abilities. Is that the result of Arthur’s telepathy conflicting with the mental persuasion, or the result of a build up of too many abilities making it harder to control? Personally, I believe the former as the latter is less likely since he has no problem stopping Sylar’s many abilities. But then, blame also falls upon Peter for talking way too long.


Sylar shows up and being the helpful “son”, finished Arthur off after confirming he wasn’t his father. Firstly, where did Sylar get another list of people with abilities all of a sudden? I don’t recall him ever receiving a new list buy his latest victim in the Sylar ability theft saga was literally a human lie detector! Being able to tell whether someone is lying or not is such an awesome ability. No, not really when you compare it to the other abilities that we have come across up to now. It felt like a cheap plot filler, a way to allow Sylar to procure the truth. But his “cake” scene was pretty hilarious after the office workers came in through the door to find their friend dead. Sad I know, but I found myself laughing at that bit.

Speaking of which, is Sylar ever going to choose a side? He’s been switching back and forth so much so far he might as well just restart the role of overall independent super bad guy again. He is certainly the most powerful now, with Arthur dead and Peter powerless, but how will he continue forth from here? Hopefully, this will be answered soon with the appearance of his real (again, hopefully real) father next volume portrayed by actor John Glover, who also played Lionel Luthor in Smallville.

Rewriting the past

Meanwhile 16 years in the past, history was being played with. 10 year old Hiro’s English lines were just hilarious: “Where is train station? I must use toilet. More waffles, please.” Need I say more.

However, Hiro’s time travel into the past has certainly been at a great cost to both him and the future. Sure, his mother was able to heal his memory and transport the catalyst into Hiro rather than baby Claire, but Arthur shows up and spoils his success. Taking not just the catalyst, the light – which on a side not reminded me a bit of the Doctor’s regeneration energy – he also removes Hiro’s powers. This left Hiro trapped once more in the past and who knows how he will get back now.

What bothers me slightly is the fact the catalyst was moved from Claire. Time paradoxes are annoying to say the least and this means the current Claire never had the catalyst even though they all assumed she did. Due to the show running off the butterfly effect, shouldn’t this all have changed? O.o Or am I thinking of the other time paradox theory?

Anyway, with the formula now perfected, they began testing on the marine with Nathan overseeing the operations at Pinehearst. Seriously, that marine must have been so damn scared s***less after seeing Mohinder’s side effects as a result of failure. His reaction to gaining power reminded me of some cartoon character going made with spasms. xD

Next week?

Next week’s episode is apparently called “Duel”. The only reason I say apparently is because they have already changed it twice.
War -> Duality -> Duel
This is also the finale of Volume 3.

– Nathan will face off against Peter for the completed formula.
– Sylar goes to wreck havoc at the Company headquarters and it looks like he’ll be in a confrontation with the puppeteer, Doyle, and presumably try to kill him too.
– We should also expect another cliffhanger (involving our heroes in some sort of plane crash) as Heroes wraps up for the year.

Volume 4 spoilers have so far revealed little of what will happen next week. Someone will die next week and I think it’ll probably be Meredith as she faces off against Sylar. This could also see Doyle turn from being a villain and that would explain the Volume 4 set photos of Doyle with Claire as well as him trying to “control” Sylar next week.

This week’s episode was again, not one that stands out much. Unlike some past episodes (mainly season 1), this episode lacked a few things to keep a viewer entirely interested. To be honest, I felt the urge to fast forward a few of the explanation scenes. Less talk and more action please, is what I hope they bring into Volume 4: Fugitives.

Well, this post has ended up longer than I had thought, but I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a comment too, I’d love to get some feedback. :D

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