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Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka

December 3, 2008
The female protagonist for Akaneiro - Katagiri Yuuhi

The female protagonist for Akaneiro - Katagiri Yuuhi

When I first saw Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka, I immediately though awesome; an awesome seiyuu cast and the very cute-looking Katagiri Yuuhi introduced and brought through another Kugimiya lead. Watching the first two episodes, it felt it had great potential to be an awesome anime (despite the possible R-18 stuff that could turn up from the eroge). I simply loved Yuuhi from the first two episodes but after that it feels as if her character isn’t being taken to its potential by the writers.Supposedly, the abbreviated name used is Akasaka but I prefer to called it Akaneiro. Otherwise I’ll keep associating it to Asakusa.


Taken from Wikipedia:
Jun’ichi Nagase attends a prestigious high school. He has the nickname Geno Killer since he was rebellious in middle school. This is used, inadvertently, to help a girl named Yuuhi Katagiri from trouble. She later transfers to his school, and in order to protect Yuuhi from danger, Jun’ichi is forced to kiss her. Not understanding what happened, she screams at him. Subsequently, it turns out that Yuuhi is his fiancé as arranged by their parents. Their parents discuss the matter and order them to go out together once a month to restore their relationship. If their relationship does not get better, the engagement will then be canceled.

I actually still don’t really understand the first part to be honest. “In order to protect Yuuhi from danger, Jun’ichi is forced to kiss her,” but technically Junichi saved her earlier in the episode and the kiss seemed pretty random. Perhaps I should really watch the first episode again.

Shiina Mitsuki, President of the Student Council

Shiina Mitsuki, President of the Student Council

The action scenes involving Junichi and Minato’s parents have yet to really link up with the main story and seem like fillers just to add another theme to the anime.

Also, is it just me, or has Yuuhi’s hairstyle been drawn more and more like Mitsuki-senpai’s in some episodes? And vice versa for that matter? o.o

OP and ED

The OP is called Hatsukoi Parachute by Miyuki Hashimoto. No comment on it really, it’s an alright song but not something that strikes as being one of my favourites.

An interesting part to the Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka’s ending themes is that each episode so far has had a different song, sung by each of the female seiyuu. Each person will be doing 2 songs each I believe and I didn’t really realise this until the 3rd episode that the EDs had changed. Oops. -.-”

Overall Impressions

The story and script rather lets down what could have been with such a talented seiyuu cast with the likes of Aya Hirano, Rie Tanaka, Rie Kugimiya, Emiri Katou and so on that have all had successes elsewhere. Since I’m already up to the 8th episode and I believe Akaneiro is a 12-13 episode show, I guess I’ll finish the season. Mitsuki and occasionally Yuuhi are the only reasons I’ve yet to drop this show, though Minato could be a potentially more interesting character if her “hunting” side/instinct to her came out a bit more and she dropped the waifu like personality. But maybe all this is just me. O.o

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