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ToraDora Episodes 1-8

December 1, 2008
Taiga gets hit by Ami

Taiga gets hit by Ami in Episode 9

ToraDora has got to be one of my favourite anime shows that came out for during the last season. The story begins around the male protagonist Takasu Ryuuji who is entering his second year of high school. Due to his eyes, it makes his appearance intimidating and he’s marked as a delinquent. At school, he bumps into Aisaka Taiga, who is known as being the “手乗りタイガ” or the “Palmtop Tiger”. At their first meeting Taiga instantly dislikes Ryuuji but eventually becomes very reliant on him. Coincidentally, the two have crushes on each other’s best friend Kushieda Minori and Kitamura Yuusaku. And from there, they begin to work together to help each other to change their appearance to their rest of the school.ToraDora main characters


The most notable characters are: Taiga, Ryuuji, Yuusaku, Minori and then later on, Kawashima Ami. They all appear together at the end of the OP with respective colours (which in fact reminds me slightly of the Ginju Force from DBZ which Minori makes a reference to in around Episode 7).


The Opening is called Pre-Parade done by Rie Kugimiya and personally I quite like it; maybe I’m just a Kugimiya fan but still. The colours that are used to represent each character’s pretty interesting and the overall feel is pretty nice and energetic.

The Ending is called Vanilla Salt done by Yui Horie. Lots of umbrellas is all I can say. xD I prefer the OP than the ED, but the ED’s still good.

Episodes 1-9:









Overall Impressions

Having watched the first 8 episodes of the series and episode 9 RAW so far, I’m definitely enjoying it. Taiga’s just awesome, reminds me of Shana and a bit of Louise but still differs slightly in her own way. I know some people have said that this is just another version of ZnT minus the magic but it is different and better in my opinion.

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